Finding forever families

Tarrant County, TX – Every child craves a parent or parents to love, nurture, and support them.  Unfortunately, not all children are born into a family that can provide that care.  So, at Tarrant County’s Adoption Day we help to make those families a reality for children that have been living in foster care.  Since 2000, Tarrant County’s Adoption Day has finalized adoptions for these children, who then join their forever families just before the magical holiday season.  Last year, 76 children were adopted into their forever family, including several sibling groups and older children, and they began 2017 in a loving and nurturing home.  At this year’s event on November 17, 2017, we hope to complete just as many adoptions for children in foster care. 

Tarrant County’s Adoption Day has grown from a small grass roots effort into a daylong event with community supporters and donors including Kube’s Jewelry, Tarrant County Bar Foundation, Heroic Inner Kids, ACH Child and Family Services, photographers Bo Parker and Michael Board, and numerous law firms, attorneys and other businesses.  Everyone involved in the foster care system also plays a role in helping ensure the day goes smoothly with involvement from agencies including CPS, foster care agencies, CASA and its advocates, and District Attorneys and judges who volunteer their time. 


About Tarrant County Adoption Day

Tarrant County began holding an Adoption Day event in 2000. The effort was started by a small group of dedicated individuals whose goal was to make a celebration of the most exciting day in the lives of children in foster care - the day they join their forever family!  The first event was grassroots with many community partners coming together to make it happen.  Over the years, the event has grown into a daylong celebration with sponsors and donors from all areas of the community. Children being adopted are given a new stuffed animal of their choosing, a book, a superhero cape, and a necklace engraved with their new name and date of adoption from Kube's Jewelry. The adoptive mothers receive a yellow rose and the adoptive fathers receive the pen the judge uses to sign the Adoption Decree.  And, the family receives a framed and matted copy of their first official family photograph taken at the event!

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